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18. - 21. June 2020

Mare Nostrum III / Kuu!Maritim MainStageStrandallee 73B, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
So 23.06.2019 | 16:00 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | Maritim MainStage | JB 8
Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum III

All good things come in threes, pianist Jan Lundgren, accordionist Richard Galliano and trumpeter Paolo Fresu may have thought, when they set their sights on the third album of their band "Mare Nostrum". After the first CD recording in Italy (Fresu's homeland), the second in France (Galliano's home), Lundgren's homeland Sweden has now been recorded. The combination of accordion, piano and trumpet is unique, in twelve years of its existence the trio has achieved a sleepwalking interplay. The trumpet sound of Paolo Fresu is inimitable, airy and yet clear, Richard Galliano knows how to play simple melodies with much expression in addition to breathtaking virtuosity and Jan Lundgren's piano changes from rhythmic chordal accompaniment to intelligent solo lines. The beauty of this trio is that all three musicians have been strongly influenced by the folk music of their countries. "Mare Nostrum" combines the Italian, French and Scandinavian song influences wonderfully and thus creates a completely new sound.

"For me, Jan, Richard and Paolo embody music in its purest form! [Nils]

Paolo Fresu trumpet, flugelhorn | Richard Galliano | Jan Lundgren piano


"Nothing for the faint hearted" - title of the magazine Jazzthetik about the current KUU! album "Lampedusa Lullaby". In fact, this is an almost zappaesque stage firework, with socially relevant songs that burn themselves into all their emotionality. "Many jazz bands with female singers have hardly any lyrics," says guitarist Kalle Kalima, "most of it is vocalese or these dreamy things. But that's not our world, we want to have our feet on the ground, create facts..." And with Jelena Kuljić the formation has a singer who can do it: Clear, highly forceful, with concentrated presence and punk energy. Born in 1976 in Serbia, the front woman combines performance and singing in a breathtaking way. Live Kuljić becomes a natural event. When guitarists Kalima and Möbus as well as drummer Lillinger bundle their energies and raise their voices to Kuljić, we know that rock can take an attitude and that Lampedusa is not just an island.

"After I heard the debut album of KUU! I thought: They have to play at JazzBaltica! [Nils]

Kuu!: | Jelena Kuljić vocal | Kalle Kalima guitar | Frank Möbus guitar | Christian Lillinger drums

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