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27. - 30. June 2024


The encouragement of talent in the jazz scene has been of critical importance to JazzBaltica from the very beginning. Many artists who are now renowned in the field of jazz began thier international careers right here, or received a boost in their development at this festival. The Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH) is a central sponsoring institute from the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Through their social engagements, the IB.SH has taken on responsibilities that far exceed their core business. Support of the arts and culture is vital, as it helps secure the quality of the state, with support of young talent being of central importance to the IB.SH.
The support of young talent has always been of importance to the IB.SH, as demonstrated by their sponsorship of the IB.SH Prize since 2008, for example. In order to better represent the renowned international jazz artists of JazzBaltica, the decision has been made to rename the IB.SH-Förderpreis the IB.SH-JazzAward starting in 2015.
The underlying idea remains the same, however: the award and its €5,000 prize money is meant to recognize the work and artistic potential of young or not-yet-fully-discovered jazz artists. Either individual aritists or ensembles can be recognized who have performed at JazzBaltica the same year the IB.SH-JazzAward is awarded. Special consideration is given to artists who come from the region of northern Germany. The winner is chosen each year by a 5-member jury.
I would like to wish all jazz friends and fans of JazzBaltica a swinging festival in 2021!

Dr. Michael Adamska
Executive Board Representative for Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH)


  • Dr. Michael Adamska (Executive Board Representative IB.SH)
  • Nils Landgren (Artistic director)
  • Stefan Gerdes (NDR)
  • Angela Ballhorn (Jazzthetik)
  • Arvid Maltzahn (Landesmusikrat Schleswig-Holstein)

Previous holders of the IB.SH-JazzAward

2023 Ella Burkhardt
2022 Ilja Ruf
2021 Christian Höhn
2020 Keno Harriehausen
2019 Vincent Niessen
2018 David Grabowski
2017 Anna-Lena Schnabel
2016 Lisa-Rebecca Wulff
2015 Katharina »Tini« Thomsen
2014 Me and My BoomBox
2013 Frashback
2012 Birgitta Flick and Lisa Stick »Flickstick«
2011 Clara Haberkamp Trio
2010 Charlotte Greve »Lisbeth Quartett«
2009 LandesJugendJazzOrchester SH
2008 Firomanum