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18. - 21. June 2020

Asja Valčić & Klaus Paier@thebeachStrandallee 73, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
Sa 22.06.2019 | 23:00 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | @thebeach | Beach 2

Asja Valčić & Klaus Paier

With curiosity and courage, Valčić and Paier have redefined the role of their instruments over the past ten years. As restless travellers across all genre boundaries, they interweave classical and jazz, blues and tango, musette and modern compositional music into unmistakable soundscapes, sometimes minimalistic, melodramatic or even rousing rhythms. "A universal chamber music to which we lack all comparisons," the FAZ called it.

Asja Valčić violoncello | Klaus Paier

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