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23. - 26. June 2022

Neumünster / Holstenhalle 1

Neumünster / Holstenhalle 1
The Holstenhalle in Neumünster was originally built as a livestock cattle hall in 1939, but then was used as an aircraft assembly hall. The entire complex consists of several interconnected halls. Hall 1 forms the cornerstone of the exhibition grounds and offers space for around 5000 people on a floor space of 3800 m². Just as many people can be accommodated in Hall 5. Hall 6 (auction hall), with its attached stables, serves mainly as a livestock hall and accommodates around 800 people. The Holstenhalle is one of the largest concert and event centers in Schleswig-Holstein and promises great musical experiences at the SHMF.


Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 2-4
24537 Neumünster