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27. - 30. June 2024

Flensburg / Deutsches Haus
Deutsches Haus
Deutsches Haus was built between 1928 and1930 with the support of the German government as a measure of gratitude for the “German Loyalty” of Flensburg during the German-Danish referendum. The city had decided with overwhelming majority to remain a part of Germany. The original concept of this impressive appearance was that of an assembly hall. The architect and government building-officer Ziegler combined elements of the New Objectivity with Schleswig-Holstein Heimatschutz (Heritage building) Architechture, in which the use of bricks is common. Today Deutsches Haus is known as a cultural center, and more specifically, where films are shown and the concerts of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival take place.



Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7
24937 Flensburg