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24. - 27. June 2021

SHMF Sofa Session with Nils Landgren

Music between colorful sofas, renowned artists and personal conversations - that is the SHMF Sofa Session. At the recording a few days ago in the Kulturwerft Gollan, three musical greats from completely different genres met: the renowned clarinettist Sabine Meyer, the Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital and Nils Landgren, trombonist and artistic director of JazzBaltica. Not only do they come together on stage at the end for a medley, but they also discover commonalities in casual conversations between sets - for example, they all come from the provinces and like to reminisce about times gone by: Nils Landgren tells of his unsuccessful first trombone performance in the symphony orchestra, Sabine Meyer, who grew up in Baden-Württemberg, reveals the secret of her great-grandmother's perfect spaetzle dough, and Avi Avital goes into raptures when looking at a photograph of his first mandolin ensemble in Be'er Sheva. On stage, they get support from the Alliage Quintet, Ensemble Reflektor and the jazz combo 4 Wheel Drive. The SHMF Sofa Session can be viewed for free at www.shmf.de/sofa-session. Enjoy!