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22. - 25. June 2023

The festival programme of JazzBaltica 2023

Portrait Nils Landgren, 23.06.21

From 22 to 25 June 2023, JazzBaltica will once again take place in Timmendorfer Strand. In a total of 39 concerts on the grounds around Strandpark, international stars as well as young talents will present the most exciting facets of jazz. 

The line-up includes Vince Mendoza, Aki Rissanen, Benjamin Lackner, Martin Wind, Nikki Iles, Dieter Ilg, Günter Baby Sommer, David Helbock & Camille Bertault, as well as ensembles such as the NDR Bigband, the Tingvall Trio and the Bohuslän Big Band

This year, Nils Landgren, in his function as Artistic Director, is focusing on strong women in jazz: a total of 13 female bandleaders are participating with their formations, including bassist Lisa Wulff, trombonist Karin Hammar, cellist Nesrine, drummer Eva Klesse and trumpeter Andrea Motis. »What counts for me is good music. It doesn‘t matter whether it‘s played by men or women,« says Landgren, adding »I‘m really happy that we have so many women on our stages this year.« 

The festival also devotes a special focus to brass instruments: International greats such as Fred Wesley, Shannon Barnett or Kristian Persson will be guests with their trombone. Ingolf Burkhardt, Jakob Bänsch, Nils Petter Molvær and Hildegunn Øiseth are among the trumpet players. 

A special highlight of the summer will be the performance of trombone legend Fred Wesley, who at 79 has lost none of his joy of playing and energy. 

A new format is NightLab - night concerts in the JazzCafé. Here, the Joanna Duda Trio and Ilaria Capalbo provide the soundtrack to the Blue Hour on late Friday and Saturday evenings. And for the first time, the family concert »Die Jazzpiraten« (The Jazz Pirates) is free of charge. From now on, it will take place on the OpenAir Stage and offers even more space and opportunities for movement for the smallest festival visitors. 

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