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18. - 21. June 2020

Vladyslav Sendecki & Jürgen Spiegel / TonbruketMaritim MainStageStrandallee 73B, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
Sa 20.06.2020 | 17:00 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | Maritim MainStage | JB 4

Vladyslav Sendecki & Jürgen Spiegel

Two in the mirror

"'Vladyslav Sendecki is one of the most powerful and creative pianists of our time', wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung about Vladi.
And yes, that is true: Vladi is a powerhouse, with a touch like God gave it.
He can play faster, more precisely and louder than anyone else, but sometimes he chooses a different approach, where everything suddenly floats and sounds so beautiful that everyone in the audience thinks they are already in heaven.
Together with drummer Jürgen Spiegel, Vladi can realize all his ideas without losing a single part of it. Jürgen is also used to playing with highly talented pianists. He is usually a permanent member of the Tingvall Trio, which has been a guest at JazzBaltica on several occasions.
Vladi has been a permanent member of the NDR Big Band for decades, but sometimes he wants to play music with a slightly smaller line-up and it doesn't get any smaller, but finer than here.
Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand!" - Nils Landgren


Masters of Fog

"Tonbruket is a very unique band. Their music is boundless, nothing is forbidden and anything can happen. The boys always manage to steer their ship on the exact course. But it couldn't be any different with bassist Dan Berglund as captain. He never loses his direction and knows precisely what he uses his virtuosity for: always in the service of music and collective interaction.
Martin, Johan and Andreas are among Sweden's most popular musicians, and here, together with Dan, they get to show why. It's a great adventure to see and hear Tonbruket, and I as a fan am very happy that they will be our guests.
Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand!" - Nils Landgren

Tonbruket | Dan Berglund bass | Martin Hederos piano, keyboard | Johan Lindström guitar | Andreas Werliin drums, percussion

Ticket price

48 € / reduced 38 €