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24. - 27. June 2021

NightLab: Das KondensatJazzCaféKurpromenade, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
Sa 26.06.2021 | 23:59 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | JazzCafé | NL 3 (ursprünglicher Konzerttermin war 20.06.2020)

NightLab: Das Kondensat

"Gebhard Ullmann once wrote to me: 'I have played all over the world, but never managed to land a JazzBaltica gig. I could only agree with Gebhard, because unfortunately it was also true.
When I wanted to launch the new series 'NightLab' at the beginning of the year, I finally saw the opportunity to invite him and to my great pleasure he said 'Yes' immediately.
Now Gebhard will have a gig with Das Kondensat with us and it is a great honour for me that this trio can be part of it.
Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand! - Nils Landgren

Gebhard Ullmann sax | Oli Potratz | Eric Schäfer


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14 € / reduced 10 €