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23. - 26. June 2022

Midsummer Rituals – Nils Landgren and Top-Stars celebrate 30 years of JazzBalticaMainStage im StrandparkKurpromenade, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
Do 24.06.2021 | 20:00 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | MainStage im Strandpark | JB S

Midsummer Rituals – Nils Landgren and Top-Stars celebrate 30 years of JazzBaltica

Rainer Böhm – Solo

"2021 is a year in which many pianists will perform at JazzBaltica. Some of them are known as sidemen with different line-ups, but they have not yet had their own spot in the programme. Rainer Böhm is one of them; but now the time is ripe to change that. Rainer has played with us several times as a permanent member of the Dieter Ilg Trio. This summer he is the pianist who will open JazzBaltica 2021. Maybe that's a big task, but Rainer is a man who always puts the music in the first row, especially since he has an incredible technique. As a pianist and musician, he's just the man for the job and it's an honour to have Rainer with us as an opener for JazzBaltica.
Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand!" – Nils Landgren

David Helbock – Solo

"Ever since David Helbock and his trio were last guests at JazzBaltica, I have been hoping for a quick reunion. Now that he has recorded a solo album with film music by master John Williams, I thought: Now, not later!
David is a free soul, with a great affinity for the surprising, the unpredictable, the inharmonic versus the harmonic and virtuosity; everything is always subordinated to the music.
Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand!" – Nils Landgren

JazzBaltica Ensemble Special Edition – Midsummer Rituals

"As it is the 30th festival, I thought of something special: an ensemble with artists who have been closely associated with JazzBaltica for decades. I have had so much fun with these people over the years and we will have the same fun this time. Everyone owes a lot to JazzBaltica – but also the other way around: JazzBaltica has to thank all the artists for their contribution.
This line-up is unique – put together just for JazzBaltica 2021!” – Nils Landgren

Part 1: | Rainer Böhm piano | David Helbock piano | Part 2: | JazzBaltica Ensemble Special Edition: | Axel Schlosser trumpet | Nils Landgren trombone, vocal | Jukka Perkko alto saxophone | Michael Wollny piano | Ulf Wakenius guitar | Lars Danielsson bass | Anders Jormin bass | Wolfgang Haffner drums | Anders Kjellberg drums | Lisbeth Diers percussion | Cæcilie Norby vocal


Please note: Due to the relocation, the seating plan of the concert has also changed. The price categories of your tickets remain valid, but not your placement within the selected price category, as the seating plan of the concert hall cannot be transferred exactly to the other spatial conditions in front of the open-air stage. Before the concert, you will therefore be assigned new seats that are in the same price category as printed on your tickets.

Ticket price

PG 1: 58 € / reduced 46 €
PG 2: 52 € / reduced 42 €
PG 3: 42 € / reduced 34 €