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22. - 25. June 2023

Gregory Porter & Band (postponed from 2020/2021)Holstenhalle 1Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 2-4, 24537 Neumünster, Deutschland
Mi 27.07.2022 | 20:00 Uhr | Neumünster | Holstenhalle 1 | K 64

Gregory Porter & Band (postponed from 2020/2021)

He is a real character, and his appearance an extravagant mix of elegance and audacity. He wears a jacket, vest, and tie, and handkerchief – along with a full beard, plus a scarf and his signature hat that covers his ears and chin. Gregory Porter doesn’t really fit the picture of a typical jazz singer. Then again, “jazz” alone probably doesn’t sufficiently describe his style of music. “It’s just the music that comes out of me. No matter what genre I’m singing, like with the electronic duo Disclosure or the soprano Renée Fleming, I am always a jazz singer,” says Gregory Porter. He grew up with country, R&B, and soul, and none other than the legendary pianist and singer Nat King Cole stirred his passion for music. Born in Los Angeles, Porter heard his first jazz records at the age of five and later discovered his expressive talent in gospel choir. Now, like his great role model once did, the two-time Grammy winner fills concert halls worldwide with an unmistakable, velvety-warm baritone voice. He creates every single note with devotion and succeeds in establishing an intensive connection to the audience in no time at all through his warm, mellow charisma. This is what makes Gregory Porter so special: “I want to send a message to the people who come to my concert.” You can experience this message live in July 2022 in Neumünster, where the celebrated jazz star will perform songs from his current studio album.

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