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24. - 27. June 2021

Familienkonzert: Erwin mit der TröteMaritim MainStageStrandallee 73B, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland
So 27.06.2021 | 10:30 Uhr | Timmendorfer Strand | Maritim MainStage | JB 6 (ursprünglicher Konzerttermin war 21.06.2020)

Familienkonzert: Erwin mit der Tröte

Favourite in Repris, already in 2013 Erwin was visiting JazzBaltica, but the story is so great and the big and small kids still love Erwin with his trumpet.
Erwin is a coati who lives on an island near Zanzibar. He can play the trumpet like no other. And the best thing about it is that he doesn't play on an instrument, but on his own nose. Actually Erwin loves to play with his band, the Jungle Kids, for the inhabitants of the small island, until one day animal voice researcher Professor Higgins comes into the jungle and discovers Erwin as a superstar. Will this end well?
Rainer Tempel composed the music for Volker Kriegel's magical story and arranged it for the NDR Big Band. On stage, equipped with the wonderful illustrations from the book, the musicians, together with actor Jörg Kleemann, take the audience on a listening adventure towards Zanzibar. Welcome to Timmendorfer Strand!” – Nils Landgren

Jörg Kleemann | NDR Bigband | Niels Klein conductor | Rainer Tempel arrangement

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16 € / reduced 8 €